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HE.R.O is the first boardgame of Eely River Games. HE.R.O will include > 44 miniatures, > 120 cards and of course unlimited hours of fun. Maybe there are even more cameo appearences of popular doctors than just Ryan Reynolds "But why?" See below, what's inside.



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"It's time to be a hero!"

Game specs: 2-4👫| 60 min⏱| age 14+ |
Published by @eelyrivergames

Objective: As a Doctor you want to treat patients to gain as many heroic tokens as possible. But beware of chaos tokens and make sure you are well rested. At the end the Dr. with the most heroic token wins!

How to play summary: The game plays for 12 or 8 rounds. On each round: new patients arrive to the ER, New Staff arrives others leave & consultants that were summoned are removed. Every player picks a unique Dr. that has special medical skills to treat patients. On your turn you will be able to take 3 of 6 possible actions: move, run, study, sleep, treat and look around. Move from one room to the other. Run allows you to move 2 adjacent spaces. Study in the library space for a journal card that gives you additional skill. Sleep in the call room to gain pillow tokens. Treat the patients before they ran out of timer tokens. When you treat a patient you gain heroic token but fail to cure them within the timeframe and everyone gets chaos tokens. When treating a patient if other players are in the same room (ER, OR or ICU) they gain heroic tokens too indicated in the card. This are called freeloaders. Other additional actions player may take are “call for help” summoning a Staff or consultant when needed to gain additional skills & use special actions. “Counsel” allows you to add the skills of another Dr. to you. The game ends once all the rounds are finalized

My thoughts: Manage your resources wisely to treat as many patient as possible. This was way trickier than I thought. At first I was just focus on upgrading my Dr as much as I could to treat patients all by myself. But first it was very time consuming I was already down to 8 rounds and hadn’t treated any patients not to mention I hadn’t rested! So I regroup my thoughts I started delegating and stopped micromanaging 😂 using the staff, consultants and counsels. The game is very well balanced it provides a decent amount of challenge. It was great on competitive mode, coop mode and honestly I think it can also be run solo and be fantastic. The games is fun and original with adorable artwork🥰


H.E.R.O. 🏥 🇩🇪/ 🇬🇧👇🏼⠀

Wolltet ihr nicht auch schon immer mal Arzt/Ärztin spielen? Oder eine gute Brettspielumsetzung von einem Krankenhaus-Spiel auf dem Tisch haben um analog Leben zu retten?
Dank @eelyrivergames durfte ich den Prototypen zu H.E.R.O testen & bin völlig eingetaucht in das Feeling eines „echten“ Emergency Rooms 👩🏼‍⚕️🩺
Wir durften Rückemschmerzen heilen, abgebrochene Fingernägel wieder kitten, Schmetterlinge im Bauch kurieren usw. 🥼
Thematisch tolles Spiel mit entzückenden Minis, toller Anleitung, Witz & Humor 👍🏼 Taktisch hat es auch einiges zu bieten & wer auf all dies Bock hat, der sollte sich unbedingt die kommende Kickstarter Kampagne dazu ansehen.
Und jetzt lasst mich durch, ich bin Ärztin und muss Leben retten 😉🚑 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Haven't you always wanted to play a doctor? Or have a good board game implementation of a hospital game on the table to save lives by analogy?
Thanks to @eelyrivergames I was able to test the prototype for HERO & I am completely immersed in the feeling of a "real" Emergency Room 👩🏼‍⚕️🩺
We were allowed to heal back pain, repair broken fingernails, cure butterflies in the stomach, etc. 🥼
Thematically great game with adorable minis, great instructions, jokes & humor 👍🏼 Tactically it also has a lot to offer & if you are up for all of this, you should definitely take a look at the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.☝🏼
And now let me through, I'm a doctor and I have to save lives 😉🚑⠀


HE.R.O by @eelyrivergames

- 2-4 players
- Ages 14+
- 60min

ℹ️ HE.R.O take place in an emergency hospital. You play as a doctor who has to cure as many patients as possible during your night shift. Gather staff, call consultants and cooperate with other doctors to get the skills required to cure them in time! And don’t forget to rest You can play both cooperative and competitive!

🎲 Each turn you can choose to perform three actions. The actions is “Move, cure a patient, run (move two spaces, but this will give you negative points), study, sleep, draw a new patient card”. Each turn you may also call for help to move a staff to your room or call an consultant which will increase your skill points temporarily!

🏅The players put their hero deeds tokens and the chaos tokens into their bags and you need to keep a track on what you put in your bag! When the game has ended each player reveals their bags and counts the points. If you haven’t rested enough, you’ll be eliminated! The player with the most hero deeds tokens is the winner!

💭Don’t be tricked by the cartooned art! This game offers tons of strategic, humour and hard decisions! My first play I was mostly running around not knowing what to do. Running and resting. Did I cure any patients? Nah, not really. If you visited my E.R that night, you would probably end up dying. I didn’t fully used the opportunity to get help from the staff and move the patients around to maximise my skill points. You can’t cure anyone by your own, it’s about team work!

My second and third play went better. One time I didn’t keep track on my testing, so I got eliminated. Which was kind of an anti-climax, because I cured some high skilled patients. It took a few plays to find a balance between resting, studying and curing.

Was I good at this game? Nah. Not really. Did I enjoy it? Big time! I’m a fan of the artwork and the humour in the game and I could easily see this game turn in to a “HE.R.O universe” with expansions.

🟢 The artwork!
🟢 Rules are easy, but the game isn’t easy to master!
🟢 The humour!
🟠 Takes a few plays to get into it.
🟠 The art might not appeal to everyone


HE.R.O. 🏥👩🏻‍⚕️🩺 (2-4 spelers)


Ons cijfer: 8,5🥈

📝 Speluitleg & onze review:
In HE.R.O. speel je een dokter in een ziekenhuis die een chaotische nachtdienst heeft op de eerste hulp afdeling. Je moet patiënten op tijd genezen, terwijl je zelf ook genoeg nachtrust moet pakken en niet teveel chaos moet veroorzaken. Je kunt het spel competitief of coöperatief spelen en het bestaat uit 8 of 12 ronden (uur). Elke speler kiest een dokter met speelfiguur en bijbehorende kaart. Elke dokter heeft zijn eigen krachten en acties. Tijdens je beurt mag je 3 acties doen: een patiënt helpen, verplaatsen, rennen, slapen, studeren of een nieuwe patiënt binnenlaten en daarnaast mag je ook nog hulp van andere collega’s inroepen. Om patiënten te kunnen helpen, moet je genoeg hulpbronnen verzamelen. Als dit lukt, krijg je helden punten. Afhankelijk van de moeilijkheid, heb je een aantal helden- en slaap punten nodig om te winnen. Elke ronde komen er nieuwe patiënten binnen en nieuw personeel om je te helpen. Zorg dat je op tijd om hulp vraagt en patiënten niet te lang laat wachten, anders krijg je chaos punten.

HE.R.O. ziet er leuk uit door het anime artwork en doet ons daardoor denken aan een tv serie. Het eerste potje zul je moeite hebben met ontdekken wat de juiste strategie is met het inroepen van hulp en het verzamelen van hulpbronnen, maar als je het een aantal keer hebt gespeeld en je de tactiek door hebt, speelt het erg leuk! Het is erg uitdagend om op tijd genoeg punten te halen. Erg leuk dat je het zowel competitief als coöperatief kunt spelen! Een leuk, nieuw spelconcept!



I just finished playing HE.R.O from @eelyrivergames and whoa, WHOA, this is a lot of game!!

HE.R.O is a 2-4 player game where players are trying to survive a night shift in the ER. You’re saving patients, working with staff, consultants and sometimes opponents, reading journals and trying desperately to sleep and cause as little chaos as possible.

At the end of the shift you see how much sleep, choas and heroic tokens you’ve collected to find out who wins the game. At this point, if you didn’t sleep enough you may be eliminated and then if you still have too much chaos in your bag, you could also be eliminated! If you manage to check in with your superiors after that, the person with the most heroic tokens wins!

This game was tricky! There are a lot of people in the hospital to help you but getting everyone where you need them is expensive on your chaos and you have limited actions so you have to plan every single turn so carefully. We played a long game, which is 12 rounds (which gives 12 turns to each player) and it took us about an hour and a half this first time. The first four rounds patients aren’t coming in too quickly but by the end of the night you’re adding 3 patients to the ER at the beginning of every round and it gets wild!!

I loved the art and some of the journal and patient cards had me cracking up. I also loved all the crunchy rules, for example the way the staff cards are constantly rotating and each of the six active cards adds some different components to gameplay. We are already talking about what to do differently next game to be better ER doctors!

Thank you to @eelyrivergames for letting me test this early version of your game! It’s awesome!!

HE.R.O will be hitting Kickstarter later this year! Check out @eelyrivergames for more info!!



We’ll be honest: this doctoring business is exhausting. Every time we sellotape up one person’s nosebleed another invalid appears impaled on a swordfish. How does that even happen? But we can’t waste time wondering about that - we need to make sure noone else claims the credit for our awe inspiring operations … and that means wheeling that man and his fish into a less busy room stat. It’s a lot of running about -won’t be long till we need a nap!
HERO is a fast paced fun Emergency Room simulator which can be played either cooperatively or, as we did, competitively! Players are doctors who spend 12 hours (rounds) trying to complete as many “heroic deeds” whilst avoiding as much “chaos” as possible… whilst occasionally grabbing enough sleep as to be able to survive the night!!Patients turn up with increasing frequency and the challenge is to get the right combination of skills in the room from yourself or by calling on hospital staff, consultants and other players. Failing to save them leads to chaos for all players but fixing them gives you victory points. However, in a neat twist, any competitors in the room score points too.
Scoring at the end of the game is inspired! You need at least 6 sleep or you immediately lose. Any additional sleep removes chaos from your bag - and any chaos left in your bag exponentially decreases your score! This leads to tricky decisions as napping takes you out of play for point winning, and chaos is needed to move fast or scream out for the help you need from other staff … so there is a constant balance between what you need now and that reckoning you know is coming at the end! If you play with a blind bag it adds a lot of fun … have I slept enough? How much chaos did I cause? Have I done enough hero deeds to win? And which of the other players has more points than me… can I risk an operation in the same room as them? Can I ask for their help? … can I find a way get them to take more chaos without losing myself? Lots of fun things to think about and some really interesting ideas make this a quite a fun choice if you like the idea of a frantic hospital drama!!

The Characters of HE.R.O

The Heroes

The Staff

The Consultants